I’ve Moved!!!

July 13, 2011 Leave a comment

This is a bit sudden, but the folks over at FAKKU has offered to host my blog on their servers. Figuring this would be a good opportunity to help spread more quality translations on the net, I accepted their offer and have moved over. Here’s the new url http://fuketranslation.fakku.net/.

For those that have submitted requests on this blog, don’t worry as I’ve imported your requests over to the new blog. Plus, I’ve written down your requests in a notepad for review. In anycase, I’ll see you guys over there!

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Just Shoot me Now…

June 29, 2011 9 comments

It’s been about two weeks since I started working on this cross department logistic project for my company, and now I can understand why the upper management people go to happy hour almost every other day. I’ve been working on this project non-stop which has interfered with my personal life quite a bit. Seems like another release for the month and for the upcoming weeks may be out of the question (I grossly underestimated my work load). If I could, I’d show you guys a screen shot of what I’m working on, but sadly, it’s confidential. I am unbelievably stressed out right now. Hopefully, these new goodies can lift my spirits.

I recently received a huge shipment of imported goodies that included some doujins and H-manga. I was looking forward to these three doujins the most (First two by Alice no Takarabako and the last one by Tiramisu Tart). Other stuff includes Sweet Lip by Thomas which is unbelievably hard to get new. Amazon.jp has a few “used” books for sale, but the idea of second hand H-goods doesn’t sit well with me. As always, support your favorite artists if you can and fap safely. Here’s hoping I can finish this project soon so I can enjoy life again.

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Double Serving of NTR!

June 19, 2011 12 comments

This is going to be a very odd thing for me to say, but I hope these two releases piss you guys off. If you’re not raging more after knowing what’s going on in these two comics, then I failed as a translator and must then perform harakiri to rid this world of my shame. You don’t want me to commit ritualistic suicide do you? You don’t right!?

*Ahem*… Anyway, today’s release is brought to you by Psyburn21 and Blitz respectively. The first story is a continuation of Before Sunrise. The protagonist is wondering why his sister hasn’t been sneaking into his room for more hot, steamy sex lately. Turns out she’s been macking out with a teacher at the school!

My comments on this story is as follows.
1) Every time Manami’s pussy gets touched or rubbed, her speech center of the brain just shuts down causing her to talk with a ahegaoish slur. This occurs quite frequently throughout the story. Kinda annoying to translate.
2) I have to commend Manami for holding out as long as she did before submitting to the teacher. On the other hand, what the hell is wrong with her brother!?
3) I don’t know why, but Manami’s school uniform is kinda sexy. I think it must be her thigh-high socks. I do love zettai ryouiki.

Second story is… hmm… Well, here’s what the title roughly translates to, “An Immoral Tale of a Woman who Only Chooses her man by Using her Hips.” I think that sort of says it all. The heroine of the story has found the man of her dreams, yet she continues to see her ex. Apparently, she can never forget the way he makes her feel.

Alright, enough with my chatter. Enjoy or rage to your hearts content. As I mentioned in my previous post, my workload from my job has expectantly increased. Things will be a bit slow for a while until the project is finished, but I’ll try to release one piece every two weeks.

Before Sunset

Kanojo ga Kahanshin dake de Otoko wo Eranjau Kitana Ohanashi

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Update on Upcoming NTR Translations

June 16, 2011 1 comment

Although I’m fairly certain that I’ll be able to release Sunset and Kanojo ga Kahanshin by this Saturday, I just wanted to let you guys know that there’s a possibility of a delay for the upcoming translations and future projects. Why? To put it simply, I’m apparently too good at my job which has prompted my supervisor to recommend me to be a part of a cross department analysis team. This will entail long meetings, a lot of logistic work, and work that may have to come home with me. I came home later than usual today because of one such meeting. The project doesn’t officially start until this coming Monday, but I’ve already received some preliminary data to review over the weekend. So yeah…

*Edit* Damn, looks like Sunset and Kanojo will be released on Sunday the 19th. I won’t be able to get home tonight to upload the finished product. Sorry Blitz and Pysburn21. Just one more day guys!

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Before Sunrise by Maruwa Tarou

June 4, 2011 6 comments

Brought to you in part by Psyburn21, I present to you Before Sunrise by Maruwa Tarou. It’s a story about a younger sister sneaking into her older brother’s room to seduce him. A pretty straight forward scenario with some nice anal action. There’s a second part to this story which is already on my to do list. You can expect it to be out in roughly two weeks.

I don’t know why, but I had a hard time translating this piece. It’s another one of those, “It makes sense in Japanese, but not sure how to express it in English,” situations. I try to aim for mood and atmosphere in my translations as oppose to being literal, yet there are sections in this chapter that made it very difficult for me to convey the feeling properly. Overall, not my best, but I hope it’s enjoyable.


Yukapai by Musashi-dou AKA Musashino Sekai

May 23, 2011 7 comments

I present to everyone another fantastic doujin by the great Musashi-dou, titled Yukapai. This is the first futanari themed piece I’ve ever worked on, and I hope this debut is to everyone’s liking. The story is pretty straight forward. Yuuka is forced to use her enormous breasts to pleasure Wriggle. There’s a spectacular blowjob scene with a hint of anal play, followed by a lovely paizuri, and finishes off with some straight vaginal sex. One box of tissues might not be enough to savor this doujin.

Translating this piece was quite easy since I actually own a physical copy of this doujin prior to the scan being available online. Since I didn’t have a scanner and I anticipated the raw to show up eventually on the scanlation scene (similar to Kiss of the Dead), I did a preliminary translation and set it aside until this faithful day arrived. Some revisions here and there later, and voila! Once again, I strongly encourage people to purchase doujins or H-mangas by their favorite artists if they can. While it’s nice to get our H-related goodies for free on the net, please remember that these people earn a living by drawing erotic art for us to fap to. Please help them if you can.

I almost forgot, I updated my FAQ a bit mostly regarding requests.

*Edit* Most of the time, I do read the postscript of doujins, H-mangas, and etc. However, this is one of those few times I decided to ignore them which I shouldn’t have in this case. As pointed out by YQII on E-Hentai, Musashi-dou did state that this is not a futanari book in the post script (which I didn’t read till now). As a result, I translated this thinking Wriggle is a girl. She is officially stated as a girl on the touhou wiki. So technically, this isnt my first futa book. However, to remain consistent with my translation decisions, I’ll keep the futa tag. My apologies on my oversight. Hopefully that didn’t ruin your fapping experience.

*Edit* Finally got home from work to fix my mistranslation. That’s two major errors in one month. Not good FUKE, not good. In any case, my thanks goes to YQII for catching my error. Links are now updated. My apologies to everyone!


COMIC Megastore 2011-01 Demon Girl Pack

May 22, 2011 4 comments

Here’s another demon girl themed pack release brought to you by my regular requester, Monster-Girl Lover. There are two full-colored comics featured in this pack. The first story is based off a game that I’m not familiar with, but it revolves around a protagonist being forced to decide who has the better pair of tits. If I was that guy, I’d personally select the first girl with the well formed, supple breasts. The second girl’s pair of knockers is too weird for my taste. Read to find out more.

The second story is an original featuring a half-breed vampire who requires periodic consumption of life energy to maintain her sexy body. She misses one of her feeding periods and is now relying on her friend to help her turn back to normal. A little background note about this piece. The first story of the pack took me about 20 minutes to translate. This story took me about 4 hours. Of those 4 hours, 3 and a half were spent on the first page. It was a huge cluster fuck with chicken scratch text worst than a prescription written out by a doctor. I could’ve declined this piece, but no. I just had to want a challenge. I hope it’s good enough for everyone’s enjoyment.

Small update on other projects. Yukapai should be done by tomorrow, so expect that to be released late in the evening (US Eastern Time Zone). I was planning on releasing the next Monster Hunter themed doujin by Thomas sometime this week, but I realized some interesting difference between the individual doujins and the collection, Hunter’s Bible. Certain things are removed (unimportant bits) and some background notes were added. Also, some of the resolution between the doujins are inconsistent. Therefore, I’m going to go back and re-edit everything using the Hunter’s Bible as the main raw for consistency sake. So for now, these pieces will be slightly delayed. Other than that, everything is mostly on track.

Also, I would like to ask my fellow H-Loving brethren for help. Does anybody know who’s the artist or the origin of this picture? I discovered it on a Touhou image dump site that directed some traffic my way for some reason. Either way, it has piqued my interest.

Witches with Huge Titties by Q-Gaku

My Next Door Vampire by Potion
E-Hentai (Got fjord rather quickly)

COMIC Megastore 2011-01 Demon Girl Pack